The Most Common Types of Fitted Wardrobes

Arguably, apart from the bed, another vital piece of furniture found in a bedroom is the wardrobe. It is where we keep our clothing, and as such, it is must furniture to have. Nowadays, fitted wardrobes are given priority over traditional freestanding ones. As expected, it comes with its unique benefits, particularly in space-saving. There are many design options for fitted wardrobes, and if you decide to install one, here are some types you can choose;

1. Walk-in wardrobes

This is a good option for those people with a spare room. Being able to change a room to a walk-in wardrobe is the dream of many people. Choosing fitted wardrobes will surely make it achievable. You can decide to install hanging rails, shelves, and drawers fitted in three walls in the spare room.

2. Alcove wardrobes

When you have an abnormally shaped room with an alcove; fitted wardrobes are an ideal solution. These wardrobes can fit in any sized gap. Therefore, if you have two alcoves, a fitted wardrobe will fit perfectly.

3. Around the Bed Wardrobes

A fitted wardrobe around the bed is also a fantastic idea for those who don’t have huge floor space. While it can be a go-to idea for people with small bedrooms, it can also work in big bedrooms. Hanging rails can be placed on the side of the bed, and a wardrobe over the bed’s headboard. This way, there will be additional storage. The size of the overhead cupboards differs depending on the storage needed.

4. Wall-to-wall wardrobes

These wardrobes are commonly preferred choices. The size or shape of the room does not matter. They can be installed in any room regardless of their size or shape. You decide the kind of walls to install the wardrobes and how deep they should be. With the best design you choose, you will likely get the perfect wall to wall fitted wardrobe for your room.


Choosing the type of fitted wardrobe to use in your bedroom can be sometimes confusing. They range from walk-in, alcove, around the bed wardrobes and wall to wall wardrobes. But to get the best, know your preferences first.

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